Hollon Safe Company


Welcome to Hollon Safe – a different kind of safe company. They make higher quality safes that exceeds industry standards for design, strength and durability than others on the market … yet there prices are 20% to 50% less than their competitors’.  Giving you some of the best safes in the industry at the best pricing.  Founded in 2008, owner Zack Gilmore realized there was a need for a company like this while still being a locksmith.

   Strength in Design:  Each Hollon safe is designed to the top of our industries standards and then a little higher to ours.  We maintain one of the highest standards of design and durability in the industry.  From our experience we have learned to design a safe for durability.  This attention to quality combined with our extensive product testing insures the durability of Hollon products.   

  Strength in Quality:  Before the Hollon Safe name is attached to each safe, the safe must undergo a rigid list of inspections.  We take protecting our customers’ assets very seriously.  We are not the biggest in the industry but we are striving to be the best.  You have our name on it.

  Strength in Community:  We give back to the communities that support us. Our goal is to develop long term relationships with our locksmiths and customers and we fully understand that reciprocation is crucial to any good relationship.  Hollon Safes believes in law of tithe and strives to give back 10% of profits to charitable and civic causes around the country.  If your organization would like to be apart of us we want to know about it.