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ArmoryBox offers a wide range of secured products designed to protect against the elements, as well as any unauthorized person. Keep in mind, not all safes are built the same. Therefore, we provide any feature that you require, depending on your needed level of protection. ArmoryBox carries American made brands known for making secure, safe and fireproof products. Choose a safe with fire protection capacity ranging from 30 minutes up to 2 hours. Keep in mind that we have more to offer in our catalog. Our Featured Products section listed below is just glimpse.

Whether you want to safeguard your firearms, vital documents, medical prescriptions or cash drops; we consider all of the above your armory to protect.

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Keep It Safe

According to a 2019 Gallup Poll, 43% of households in America own a firearm. San Diego City Council references that 46% of parental gun owners in the U.S. do not safely secure their guns. Furthermore, 73% of children ranging from the ages of 9 and under know where their parents store their guns. Of those households, one out of every three firearms are kept unlocked and loaded. Keeping in mind these statistics, we at ArmoryBox believe it is imperative to safeguard the livelihood of your loved ones, as well as your prized possessions.