Personal Handgun Safe- MESA MPS-1
Personal Handgun Safe- MESA MPS-1
Personal Handgun Safe- MESA MPS-1
MESA Safe Company

Personal Handgun Safe- MESA MPS-1

Regular price $180.15 Sale price $199.30
  • All Steel Construction  All Steel Construction
  • MPS-1 Capacity  Holds one pistol and two magazines
  • Spring Loaded Safe Door  Spring Loaded Safe Door
  • Textured Black Finish  Textured Black Finish
  • Advanced Electronic Lock  Advanced Electronic Backlit Lock
  • Anchor Holes Provided  Two anchor holes provided to secure your safe to the floor or counter
  • High Density Foam Lining  High-Density Foam Lining
  • Key System  Concealed Emergency Key System

Exterior Dimensions:  3 ⅓" H x 12 ¼" W x 10 ⅞" D

Interior Dimensions:  2 ¼" H x 9 ⅔" W x 6 ⅓" D

Interior Cubic Feet:  0.08    Weight: 15 lbs

Color:  Textured Black Finish

Guns can be a dangerous business. Without the proper training and care they can be lethal. Now more than ever it is important to take the proper safety measures to ensure the safety of yourself and others around you while using and storing firearms. According to a 2011 Gallup Poll, 47% of households in America owned a firearm. Of those households, one out of every three handguns is kept loaded and unlocked in the home.

With so much at stake, the obvious choice is the right choice; made with all-steel construction, the Mesa Pistol Safe will protect your gun, and keep accidents from terrorizing your life.

For added security, the MPS-1 contains two anchor holes to be able to secure your safe for permanent placement. The MPS-1 also has a spring-loaded safe door for quick access. This safe stores one handgun and two magazines, has a durable powder-coated matte black finish and is California DOJ compliant for firearm safety.

Other security features include an electronic backlit lock that is silent when you enter in your code. The safe is also lined with high-density foam material that protects your contents. The MPS-1 provides the storage and protection you need for your guns and ammunition giving you peace of mind - at an affordable price!

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