Biometric Handgun Safe- Hollon PB Bio-2
Biometric Handgun Safe- Hollon PB Bio-2
Biometric Handgun Safe- Hollon PB Bio-2
HOLLON Safe Company

Biometric Handgun Safe- Hollon PB Bio-2

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 • Pistol Safe, perfect for drawer or vehicle
 • Quick access with Fingerprint/Bio-metric reader
 • 20 Fingerprints can be registered & stored
 • Key override included
 • Code Entry option, only one user code
 • Provides safe storage and easily controlled access to valuables
 • No fireproofing
 • Takes 4 AA batteries
 • Retains your combination even when the batteries are changed
 • Comes standard with foam lined interior to help keep your valuables or firearms free from scratches

Exterior Dimensions: 13 3/4" H x 15 3/4" W x 4 7/8" D

Interior Dimensions:   4" H x 13 3/4" W x 13 1/4" D
Interior Cu Ft:   0.4          Weight:  27 lbs
Color:  Black


High-tech safety for your handguns. Protect yourself with our easy to use pistol safes. Designed to fit conveniently in a drawer or mount under a bed or even in an automobile. Perfect for a pistol but can also be used for jewelry, cash, or documents. If you use your guns for home protection you’ll be glad to know that these safes are engineered for quick and easy access in case of an emergency.


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